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Aragon Voice Studio is a results driven voice studio which teaches the mix vocal technique taught to over 150 Grammy award winners
Andrea is a singer/songwriter/guitarist for alt rock band Van Aragon. She is also a level one instructor with the Institute for Vocal Advancement. She teaches the mix technique which was taught and use by over 150 Grammy award winners.

Performance Workshop

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Performance Workshop


Performance Workshop


September 24, 2017

6-7:30pm @ the Creative Canopy

4338 California St, San Francisco, CA 94118

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In this workshop you will learn how to give a great performance via tips and tools of the trade. These include how to prepare, hold and use a microphone, develop stage performance, and how to give an awesome performance.

Andrea Aragon has performed in musicals, choirs, bands, as the lead singer of Van Aragon, and as a solo artist. She is inspired to lend her breath of performance experience and musical knowledge top her students.

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