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Aragon Voice Studio is a results driven voice studio which teaches the mix vocal technique taught to over 150 Grammy award winners
Andrea is a singer/songwriter/guitarist for alt rock band Van Aragon. She is also a level one instructor with the Institute for Vocal Advancement. She teaches the mix technique which was taught and use by over 150 Grammy award winners.

Singing Workshop for Kids

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Singing Workshop for Kids


Singing Workshop for Kids


October 15, 2017

1-3pm @ the Creative Canopy

4338 California St, San Francisco, CA 94118

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Does your child sing a lot? Are you and your child always singing together on the way to school? This is a workshop designed for aspiring young singers. We will cover fun warm-ups and vocal techniques aimed for children's voices. Students will also have a chance to learn part of a song and perform it in front of their peers.

The workshop is created by professional voice teacher, Andrea Aragon, who draws from 25 years of singing, performance, and teaching experience (Music Together, Guitar Center, Blue Bear School of Music) and her private voice studio, Aragon Voice Studio.

Ages 6 and up.